Timber coatings

The product KaWaTech®, developed in Austria and tested by the research institute and accredited testing and inspection body of the Austrian Society for Wood Research (ÖGH), is a membrane-forming coating which is applied as a protective layer to dimensionally stable external wooden components.

Timber requires protection primarily when exposed to the influences of weather, i.e. when used outside. There are three main factors that can damage timber:

  • sunlight/UV rays
  • humidity
  • temperature fluctuations

KaWaTech coatings provide long-lasting protection for garden fences, window boxes, balconies, wood panelling, carports and all dimensionally stable external wooden components. The wooden elements are coated with KaWaTech® in order to prevent damage caused by water penetration and UV rays, avoid resulting repairs and reduce maintenance costs. KaWaTech® prevents moisture from getting into the wooden elements and if any moisture does get through, it is removed by diffusion. KaWaTech® thus enables problems to be solved with a transparent coating.

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Examples of coated timber elements: 

Hotel Edelweiss in Grossarl: 


Hotel Alpina in Rauris: